General Terms of Purchase

If you are a dental distributor and you are interested in our products, keep reading. It will be a pleasure to work with you.

Fast Deliveries



Quality Products

What should I do to become an oficial distributor?

To become a GNZ Dental partner you only have to send us an email to info@gnzdental.com. Our commercial manager will contact you as soon as possible to ask you for all documentation we collect from clients.

Once we verify you are a dental distributor, we will send you our prices.

How do we ship your orders?

Delivery time is 24 hours for Spain. For other countries please contact us.

We can also do direct shippings to your clients. If you are interested in this option, let us know when you contact us.

All you need to know about shipping fees

Shipping costs depends on weight, we do not have a fix cost, so we will invoice you the real cost in each shipment.

Orders above 600€ + VAT get free delivery. We have commercial agreements with many logistic companies to offer you the best price.

How can I pay?

For the first orders, we request from our clients bank transfer before delivering orders.

Once you have made some orders, and the commercial relation is frequent, we can see other payment options. Contact us to know more about this payment terms.

And what about the warranty?

You have 15 days from receiving your order to do returns.

The product and its original packaging must not be altered for safety and health reasons.